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    Soul Craft Process



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    Soul Craft Process

    Post by docaholic01 on Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:17 pm

    Dear GM or Administrators.
    I have a question, "When [First Edition] Rose Bouquet been sale on cash again?"
    I asking that cause the Soul Craft Process is to hard for player who's doesn't have Soul Craft Stone or Blessing from NPC like the 2 stars of Emporia Guild. So I ask that question. In fact, I using 7-8 backpack of soul (9999) to Soul Craft My weapon from Special to Artifact and not success, too hard and less of luck. I doesn't had problem with the system of that, so I ask, "When [First Edition] Rose Bouquet been sale on cash again?", I want to buy and I can use to increase percentation in My Soul Craft process. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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